Monday, April 30, 2007

I call him Mael

I now call him Mael. Last week, I taught him how to add large numbers and I found out that he has a hard time doing so but he is a fast learner. He can now add and subtract numbers in the thousands digit.
This afternoon, I tested his reading skills. He can read alright, but when I showed him pictures of a horse, goat, snake, and bat, he can't name the pictures. I was surprised. Aloy can identify the pictures in English and Filipino. I guess we have to go back to ground zero with reading. The good thing about this is Mael studies his lessons at home. And the best thing about this immersion is hearing him say Thank You every after our session. Small words, big impact.
I love my job.
If you call it a job that is.

1 comment:

hermes said...

kaka-inspire ka naman. sana marami pang katulad mo na may dedication sa humanity. :)

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