Friday, April 27, 2007

i found him

Hindi siya kathang isip lamang. Totoo siya.

9 years ago, I was on vacation with my cousins in Zamboanga City and I met this guy named Leonard. Aside from him being a family friend, he's also a son of a general and very handsome to boot. We had our moments during that time and I fell in love with him, I think. We lost touch after that summer and I didn't ask my Tita about him because I'm shy to do so. When I went to Iligan for college, I met a friend who went to Philippine Military Academy and I kept my hopes up and asked if he knew him. And he did! But he told me that Leonard left the Academy already but did not disclose the reason why. I never heard anything from him again until last March. I was staring in front of the computer then I tried searching him on friendster. His profile appeared but it was an abandoned account. I remembered his sister Greta so I searched for her instead. I added Greta on my Multiply account and we started exchanging messages to each other.
Bottom line, I found Leonard. And I'm glad.

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