Thursday, June 28, 2007

seeking sponsors

I received a text message from a friend last night and he told me that I MIGHT graduate after all. Apparently, our college professors had a meeting yesterday and we were included in their topic. See, last summer we asked them to open a subject (which is EDUC 314A) so that we will be able to enroll EDUC 314B this semester so we can graduate on March. We paid 21k for EDUC 314A last summer so the dean felt that it would be unfair for us to pay that amount and still not graduate on 2008. They now allowed us to enroll the remaining subjects without minding the prerequisites but there's a catch. Each of us has to pay an additional Php10,500 aside from the 12 units that we have for us to be able to enroll the subject. The reason is quite complicated and you might have a headache if I explain it here.
My problem now is where to get the additional 10,500. I'm having headaches of my own. My parents will not approve of the additional payment because we're obviously hard up these days. They told me that they can only pay for the regular tuition fee. I don't know where to get sponsors for this amount. I have a sideline which pays me 1k a month but still it will not be enough even if I save what I will earn. Help! God help me.

This is frustration to the highest level.

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May said...

Ouch naman yang P10,500 na yan. Hope you find a way to the additional amount you need. I'm sure it'll be worth it if it means graduating this school year after all. I wonder why your school would ask for that much additional amount? Complicated as the explanation might be, I'm certainly interested. :)

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