Wednesday, November 21, 2007

ang aking maselang pagbubuntis

These past few days I felt a lot of changes with my body. I easily get tired, I sleep early in the evening and spend the afternoon sleeping again, and I crave for sweet- sometimes salty- foods. Which made me wonder and think, AM I PREGNANT AGAIN?

Blah! Of course not.

My sex life has turned down to zilch for a year and seven months now and still counting. I don't have a boyfriend though I think I almost fell in love crush with someone in the middle of this year. I didn't kiss anyone for a year and seven months too. For some, that's impossible, but for me, I call it an amazing control of sexual urge. Clap! Clap!

I'm not complaining (or maybe I am, subconsciously) because I'm really busy balancing my studies and personal life. Love, or boys for this matter, can wait. My kids' future can't.

As for the noticeable changes in my body, it must be plain KATAMARAN.

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