Saturday, February 9, 2008

Let's TAG!

Got this tag from Butchay , it’s been a while since she passed me the tag and it’s only now that I got the time todo this. Anyway, thanks girl! I’m passing the tag to EVERYONE. Enjoy! :)

Dear Friends and co-bloggers lets play-game-tag to tag- “pass it to the front”

Heres the Rules:

* First copy and paste it.

* Do not remove any content.

* Just add One word related to your blogs.

* If you don’t like the concept Pls! say no?

* Our main goal is we are going to circulate our number of friends.

* The more people join the “pass it to the front” the more links we generate.

* Lastly write only one word “short” for your blogs…

*Keep it simple and short,i know some of you have more than one blogs.

* The color is only black,gray, or white plssss avoid using any color okies.

Let me show you:1.-Filipina,2.-Stories,3.-Abroad,4.-Husband,5.Gagiers, 6. Life 7. Everything, 8. Offer, 9. Moments, 10. Food Trip 11. Chismisan 12. Tyoe your link here!

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