Monday, March 24, 2008

Quality Time, Quiet Moments

Belated Happy Easter to everyone!

I finally had a chance to sleep for more than 8 hours during the Holy Week and I now feel recharged! I was also able to read a book, courtesy of my brother's mini library, of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. As I always tell my nonreader friends, want some culture? Read Marquez. I always have new learnings whenever I read his novels and that makes me feel a notch up on the intellectual part. Hehe.

During Good Friday, I went to Grotto with my friends and Aloy for a quality time together. We did the Station of the Cross there accompanied by our Muslim friend, Mohd. It's so nice to have friends who, beyond religion, are there to witness and appreciate the activities of us Catholics. Mohd took us this picture on the left while our new friend Dee (leftmost girl) took the picture on the right. It's also Dee's first time to do the Station of the Cross because she just came here from US and she's thrilled with our devotion. ;)

I got a chance to chat with a man from the past this afternoon and I can do nothing but raise my eyebrows. All we did was share pictures of the twins and compared as to "who" inherited "what". And, sad to say, until now he's still hasn't changed. He can't make decisions by himself and still can't stand by his own two feet. Tsk tsk. I feel sorry for him because he's wasting all the opportunities that's coming his way. I feel sorrier for his mom who carries the burden of having a spineless son like him.

Anyway, I feel good, I feel really good today because I feel cleansed once again. My mind's not polluted with useless thoughts and my heart feels serene. I love this feeling and and I'm gonna savor it until it last.

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