Thursday, April 17, 2008

Back to Reality

I came back from Davao City last night. We (the yearbook staff) went there to submit our layouts to DCT Printing Press and to have some bonding moments with the staff as well. We sure had fun because we were given money by our yearbook adviser for a little shopping. Courtesy of the Graduating Class Association funds, of course. There's the perk!

While in Davao, I was also able to meet a friend in Iligan named Archie, and because he's also Cord's friend, he did nothing but tease me the whole night. Pictures will be posted on my next post as they're all with our photojournalist, Dindo. I also met my pretty 5month preggy friend Kenneth, I'm betting she's having a girl. She looks good, very pretty mom-to-be indeed. Lastly, I also met up with my high school friends who are based in Davao. Unfortunately, the girls I contacted was not able to make it to our drinking session which made me the only girl in the group. It just feels great to be young, single and free. Hehe. Had I gotten married four years ago, I don't think I will see my friends again and be able to drink beer until the wee hours. Don't get me wrong, I refrained from drinking long ago but when I'm with my trusted friends, that's when I binge drinking booze. =) ...and it's because I know I'll be safe home when I'm too drunk to stand up.

I really enjoyed my "single" moments in Davao, I didn't flirt though (which is a good or bad thing?). I wish I had much much moolahs so that I can meet up with my extended friends and buy more cute dresses for Caitlin.

So what else shall I post?

Oh, please click on this site. I don't know what it is, my brother just asked me to post it here. :)

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