Thursday, May 8, 2008

quick post

I've tried digiscrapping a month ago and I'm still groping for my artistic abilities in designing a reputable layout. But I'm trying,I do. I've downloaded a lot of kits this morning and I'm still confused on which to do first. So many ideas, so little time. And I don't know how to organize my kits! HELP!

Anyway, as for Aloy's change of surname, I filed a petition yesterday at our Local Civil Registry for cancellation of his birth certificate and paid a whooping 8 thousand pesos for that endorsement alone. In a month's time, we will receive a court order for his new birth certificate to be again endorsed at the NSO and it will cost us 1,500 pesos. Aloy should better grow up a good man, his surname costs a lot! LoL. My mom wants to adopt Aloy instead but when she learned that the adoption process costs much more than the cancellation process, she kept quiet. Haha!

This is all for now, I have a meeting to attend. Ta ta!


Willa said...

happy mommy's day to you!!!

Suzanne said...

Happy Mother's Day din po! Salamat sa dalaw!

Re kit organizing, how many na ba ang kits mo? As in super many-many-many na? You can start using ACDSee. Many of the oldies like me use that. Or you can use your own system - one that wokrs for you. :)

Good luck and show us what you come up with!

dabo said...

ey...belated mom's day mars

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