Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Back with a Vengeance!

I'm back! After a long hiatus I finally found time to post. Hehe. So here's the reason why I wasn't able to post for the past days/weeks. I finally had a vacation! With Aloy! Apparently the Graduating Class Association and the Yearbook Staff had a few extra money from our collection and our advisers decided to give us some treat. We were given an honorarium and an all expense paid trip to Davao City for four days and three nights. Everything's free and we're all so happy. I finally had time to bond with my first born (not that we don't have QT together) and get to know him more. And you probably would laugh at what I discovered.

Apparently, when we left Paradise Island, Aloy told me this:

Aloy: Pangit man dito Ma, walang sexy.
Me: Hindi ah, marami nga sexy dito, madami ngang naka two piece.
Aloy: Hindi man sila naghubad. Dapat maghubad sila.

So is he a perv in the making? LOL.

Obviously, he had lots of fun. So much fun that he cried when we entered our house, he wanted to stay in Davao.

And well, did I tell you that he escaped from me when we were swimming at the beach? Everyone had to look for him and when my friend Dindo found him inside the restroom, the maintenance team told him that he just pooped and they had already cleaned him up. Smart boy, huh? So Dindo interviewed him as to why he escaped...

Dindo: Bakit ka tumakas?
Aloy: Kasi makatae man ako.
Dindo: Dapat nagsabi ka kay mama mo.
Aloy: Gusto ko man mag adventure!
Dindo: Adventure? Bakit naman?
Aloy: Nagahanap ako ng sexy. Gusto ko ng sexy.
Dindo: Hala ka kabata bata mo pa ganyan na ang gusto mo.
Aloy: Yun man talaga ang gusto ko.
Dindo: Hala ka nag iyak na doon si mama mo sige hanap sa yo.
Aloy: Dali na bilisan na natin!

Here are some pics though...

1.) Boat ride going to Paradise Island.

2.) Lunch time.

3.) Photo op while playing.

4.) Another photo op while relaxing.

5.) At the mural.

6.) At the mall with his cousins who were also in Davao at that time. This picture's funny because the four of them are all illegit children. My tita and I really had to take this picture.

7.) In our hotel room playing snakes.

8.) 12AM at Shakeys. I couldn't leave him alone in our hotel room, could I?

9.) At Davao City's Freedom Park.

So that's how we spent our vacation! :)

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Daiz said...

Haha, parehas sila ni Riel na mahilig sa sexy. =)

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