Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Classroom Humor

I officially had my first class last Monday and I was disappointed with myself because I went to school unprepared. Thankfully, the principal assisted me with the kids and dealing with the parents. We do not have a regular class until now because I am focusing on making the kids comfortable inside the classroom and with my presence. :D

I still have three to five pupils who do not want their parents to leave them inside the room. And I have three boys who are so rowdy and one of those boys is ALOY. Haha! He was supposed to be in the afternoon session but when he started getting noisy, I immediately joined him for the morning session where the boys are quite shy.

Teaching is fun. I don't think I will ever get old being with the kids. A lot of classroom humor happened actually, let me share one:

Me: Bago kayo umuwi, gusto ko munang sabihin ninyo kung ano ang dadalhin ninyo bukas?
Pupil1: BAON!
Me: Okay, ano pa?
Pupil2: BAG!
Me: Tama! Ano ang laman ng bag?
Pupil2: BAON!
Me: Ano pa?
Pupil3: Tubig o juice!
Aloy: Pati biscuit!

So the room was filled with laughter. Obviously, the baon is their reason why they go to school.

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chinesepomelo said...

hahaha... I remember when I was a kid okay lang walang baon sa bag basta merong toys inside! hahaha.. diba? diba? diba? hahaha...

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