Monday, August 25, 2008

Praying for our Heroes

Today is a holiday in the Philippines in celebration of the National Heroes Day.
It is quite ironic though that our perception of a hero is a person who dies for our country. What about the OFWs who work hard abroad and feel the agony of missing their loved ones everyday just to provide them with what they need? What about the doctors, nurses, and teachers who serve their countrymen instead of going abroad to seek for greener pastures? What about our mom and dad who we idolized when we're little? Don't they deserve to be called heroes as well?

Anyway, it is a well known fact that some places of our country is in chaos right now. Unfortunately, I live in one of those places. I hear and see fighter planes roaming around our city at all times of the day. And for security reasons, I do not go out when it's not necessary. However, I witnessed the abduction of a physician last Friday and I was with my son at that time. I was not scared, I think I'm numb and immuned with these things already. When I saw the vehicle running swiftly, I just thanked God I did not cross the street at that moment. Three days prior to that though, when I went to a grocery to grab some oreos for midnight snack, I saw 2 tanks and twelve army trucks loaded with soldiers heading south. I was not scared, I even managed to count the trucks and waved at the soldiers goodluck. Am I morbid or what? Maybe that's how you'd react when you live in a place like mine. I have witnessed worse incidents in the past, police chase, a man was shot and killed in front of me (I was 15 at that time and I was so scared) but I've never been to riots or gang wars because I never liked going out at night.

My point here now is, life goes on. War or no war, we all have to move on. I pray for the innocent victims of the ongoing war in different cities and provinces of the Philippines. I pray for our soldiers' safety. I pray for all the casualties of the war. I pray for peace in Mindanao.

Will you pray for us too?

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