Thursday, August 7, 2008

That Sad Love Story

Pardon my cheesiness these past few days, I'm up for this falling in love kind of thing and I've been listening to The Beatles the whole afternoon so that added a notch up to this cheesiness. The parents of my pupils teased me this afternoon that I am glowing.  Falling in love crush is fun and it makes me feel beautiful.

Anyway, I am quite sad today because the whole clan's already in Cagayan de Oro and I can't join them because I can't miss my class.... only to find out that tomorrow is a local holiday! I'm so frustrated I want to leave first thing tomorrow just to attend my cousin's wedding. My mom gave me the go signal but the laziness in me creeps in. Haha! I feel bad but the good feeling tops the bad one more.  I'm not making sense, I know, so  have to end this post. 

Meanwhile, here's something I saw at Yahoo earlier and I want to share it with all of you.

Story of Love Lost 

I once had this man so handsome and true.
Everyday was bliss and our love grew and grew.
It was truly amazing the love that we shared. 
It was something to cherish but I felt so scared.
Our love was undeniable and one of a kind.
True soul mates but I had been so blind.

The day had come when he knelt on one knee.
He declared his love and proposed to me.
As he said those words I began to feel ill.
The thought of marriage gave me a frightening chill.
I had dreamt of this day and it was as perfect as can be,
but to my dismay; worries got the best of me.
I told him I love you, but I don’t want to wed.
I’ll never forget the endless tears my man shed.

Shortly after he lost faith in our love.
He lost all the hopes of the life we dreamt of.
A year went by and I missed him so much.
I missed our long talks, I missed his soft touch.
I missed his smile and how he held me so tight.
I missed how much our love felt so right.
I knew in that moment I had made a mistake.
I had let him down I had given him heart ache.

As I walked to his house I didn’t know what I would say.
Did I mess up too bad because I pushed him away?
I arrived at his house scared and confused.
My heart longed for him, but his I abused.
But I got the courage to knock on his front door.
I would tell him I loved him I would hold back no more.

A woman answered with a belly big and round.
I asked for him but she said he’s out of town.
She told me she missed him but soon he shall return.
My heart sank and I felt helpless and alone.
She asked for my name, but I told her a lie.
I am just an old friend, and then I said goodbye.
I ran away with tears streaming down my face.
I was so mad at my myself I felt such disgrace.

Have you ever been so scared that you made a mistake?
Did it ever take too long before you decided to awake?
If you ever have the chance to be happy for life.
don’t be scared, and become his wife.

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chinesepomelo said...

busit na story! ahaha..yan na! so ano napala mo ngayun???!! ahahha...

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