Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Am I on a Roll?

Blogging for fun, yes I am starting now!

A pupil asked me this afternoon why we stopped singing songs in the classroom and it was only then that I realized that she's right! We have been busy reading, writing and playing that I forgot to teach them new poems and songs. I promised to teach them a new poem tomorrow and guess what I found on Yahoo? This!

The Kindergarten Concert

By Robert Poddle

The kindergarten concert was an interesting show.
Peter walked onto the stage and yelled, “I have to go!”
Katie was embarrassed, but she had nowhere to hide.
She raised her dress to hide her face. Her mother almost died.
Keith removed his tie and said, “It’s ugly, Dad. I hate it!”
David picked his nose on stage. What’s worse is that he ate it.

They sang their song, and Wyatt burped, and then he did a dance.
Michael fell while spinning ’round. Peter wet his pants.
The music teacher at the end said, “There, I’m glad that’s done.”
The kindergarten bowed and said, “Let’s sing another one!”

Did you like it? Do you think it's proper for me to teach them this one? I kind of liked it and I got tired of the usual Jack and Jill poems so here's a new one for a change. I will be waiting for your reactions and comments until early morning tomorrow so that I can teach this or replace a new (more decent) poem in class.

Anyhoo, I was busy teaching the kids how to read and yes, sweetbejeezus, they can now read simple words. Filipino words are easier to teach than English words because English phonics are crazy. But we'll get to it later. And oh no, no, no, NO! I just found out this afternoon that we won't have a semestral break, not even for three days at least. Argh. I'm planning to have a vacation but I guess it will have to wait. Life!


socko said...

Love it!

Suzanne said...

Haha! That is one fun song! Naku, eh *decent* ba ang Jack and Jill? It makes no sense at all!

My little girl naman finds it difficult to read in Filipino. Mas mabilis syang bumasa sa English. Hayun.

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