Friday, September 12, 2008

What makes..

There are times when you want to cry but tears won't fall out of your eyes.
Then there are times when you self inflict pain just to realize that you're still alive.
Your insides are crashing down yet you manage to appear calm.
Your smiles aren't fake but only a few people can notice the pain.
Your moral's loosen, your heart's being toppled down, and your mind's telling you that you should be excruciating in pain.
And yet, you can't.

Enlighten me. What makes people numb?

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gaga said...

When someone hurts you so suddenly and viciously like when a lover betrays his partner by taking in a common friend, the victim experiences numbness because of shock, great anger and a great temptation to inflict pain plus the social stigma...

- Gaga
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