Saturday, December 6, 2008

Boo Yah!

I did a scrap layout this afternoon and was about to show it off here today but when I checked on the journal portion, I realized that I made a mistake. I always make mistakes with my journals, haha. I will have to post my output tomorrow when I'm done editing my blunder. 

Anyway, I am quite frustrated with Adobe Lightroom because for some reason I cannot install in in my pc. I always get this Runtime Error whenever I open the application and I do not know what I did wrong. I have like 431 presets ready to be attacked but I cannot even open the application. The installation will always be 100% complete but I still cannot open the application. Help me good gracious!

Aloy's father asked me if Aloy will be joining me in Iligan and I said no. I want the trip to be just me and my friend. And then he told me that Aloy should go with me so that he can get his gifts from them. If you're in my shoes (actually, slippers), will you let Aloy go back there? Please share your opinions. 


chinesepomelo said...

huwag mo ng isama si ALoy para mapilitan siyang IKAW nalang ang bibigyan nya ng gift! hahaha..

FickleMinded said...

oh please. . .definitely not!!baka mas magastos pa yung pasahe mo sa price ng gift nila from UK! :D
am i being mean?oh well, it's you family thing,umandar na naman pagkapakelamera ko! *shutup*

Mars said...

Willa: Sinabi ko nga sa kanya na ibigay na lang yung gift sa iba tutal sanay na rin naman si Aloy na di nakakatanggap galing sa kanya. Haha!

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