Saturday, December 20, 2008

Vacation Alert

The holiday feeling officially started yesterday, at least for me. Most of you probably know where I am right now and what I'm doing. I am having a blast! And it's good to be pampered and well taken cared of. I have gotten the closure that I wanted and this is actually the first time that we became a complete family. 2008 is really my year.

Anyway, I am known to having large-extra large bags but this time, I am only carrying a small shoulder bag for my 3 day travel with Aloy. And to think that I only borrowed the bag from a friend since my bags are really huge. I am also thinking of buying backpacks for traveling light or totes and satchels for my overnight trips. Small bags are handy and by bringing such type of luggage, I am forced to bring only the necessary items for my future trips. Not to mention that it's hassle free too.

So I will be back home on Monday and hopefully, everything's settled by then in terms of parenting responsibilities and other important matters between me and the man from the past. But for now, I am enjoying the moment.

Happy Birthday to Ate Suzanne too! :)


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Suzanne said...

Salamat sa pagbati! Happy holidays and enjoy your break!

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