Monday, December 15, 2008

Where was I?

I'm not feeling very well so I gotta make a quick rundown of what happened yesterday.

The kids had their Thanksgiving Party yesterday at a resort near our city. We really had fun that I had become so tired and restless that I don't want to report to school this morning. Haha. I wish I could post some pictures for you to envy but I didn't bring my cam with me.

So anyway, we really enjoyed our outing because the kids played by the pool from 8am-2pm straight with occasional visits at our rented cottage just to grab some food whenever they get hungry. I conducted a "Bring Me" game which the kids loved and the perennial improvised hit-the-pot and pabitin which the parents also loved because they were the ones reaching out for the loots (what else is new?).

I bet the kids are suffering from sunburns. Haha! I know that because I am too.;)

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