Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One Day At A Time

Today is full of surprises.

Have you tried looking for a certain person whom you haven't seen for years (not like you'll look for someone whom you see everyday, haha) and then when you give up looking for that person, that's when you find him/her? Well, that's what I have experienced and I am not going to elaborate more about it rather than the person's name which is Jeryd.

Anyway, I feel scrappy today but instead of creating layouts, I raided freebies from one site to the other. I am indeed a certified alphaholic because I downloaded at least 15 alpha freebies this morning and I haven't unzipped them yet. I am so excited to use the alphas in my future layouts.

That's all for today though. Happy Wednesday and Happy EC dropping.

1 comment:

Blogger Rise said...

surely you work hard today :)

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