Friday, May 1, 2009

Twit Who?

Yes I am a late bloomer and I just learned how to twit even though I signed up for the social networking site almost a year ago. So anyway, aside from twitting and retwitting cool links from the people I follow, I sometimes twit random questions that fancy me and I get responses from time to time from the people who follow me.

Twitting is fun and I am proud to say that I stalk follow celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Ellen and Oprah. Among the four, I like Ashton Kutcher the most because he shares funny videos and enlightens you with the causes he believes in. Anyway, aside from drawing fellow twitters to read your blog and gather a number of traffic from those who follow you, I found out that one can generate money from twitting. I still do not know how it's done but as of now, I am just happy to twit and retwit. :)

I only have a few followers so why don't you follow me?


Pahn said...

I have learned about Twitter when it started, but I never really got hooked to it.. I am not sure why, but I hope someday I can tweet regularly ^^

by the way, I'm hoping for your Freaky Friday or Sweet Saturday post ^^

Willa said...

i try to sign up with plurk too, pero di ko sya magets kaya dinilete ko na lang, back to twitting ako!. Try to follow Arnold Schwarzenneger, he'll follow you back!

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