Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Horrifying Blast

My mom went to the 8am mass, along with my two boys Aloy and Caillou, this morning. I decided to attend to a later mass with Caitlin at 9am. When we arrived at a nearby chapel, a friend greeted me and told me that a bombing incident happened at Cotabato City Immaculate Conception Cathedral at around 8:30am. I was shocked and appalled because that's where my mom and kids went to hear the mass. And then I asked the other co-churchgoers if there were casualties and then we prayed together. Caitlin and I were supposed to eat at Jollibee after the mass but since there was a bombing incident and I was unsure if my mom and kids are safe, I decided to go home and asked my father to contact my mom. I was more than happy to know that they are all safe. However, 4 people died from the blast and nearly 30 were wounded (read details here). Four innocent people died, I hope the perpetrators will burn in hell.

There were a lot of people inside the church when the bombing happened because a private sectarian school sponsored the 8am mass and there were more or less 800 students there. Fortunately (just looking at the semi bright side), the blast happened in the middle of the mass so the kids were all inside the church. Can you imagine what will happen if the bombing happened at the end of the mass where people are going out of the church? But still, the students were all shocked when some were crying, others fainted, and a number screamed. Archbishop Quevedo, the presider, continued with the mass after pacifying the people inside the church. Everyone was scared and all prayed for safety.

My mom said that when the explosion happened, Caillou was playing at the church aisle and Aloy was asking her if he could go to the comfort room to pee. So my mom grabbed Caillou first and then looked for Aloy, who was already hiding under the church chair and shouting at my mom to duck so that they won't be hit by the shrapnel. This incident is really terrifying, I am even at loss for words.

Last Friday though, Caitlin and I went to eat at McDonald's for a late lunch. When we were walking on our way home, we saw a demented man sitting in a corner so I asked Caitlin if she could just give her fries to the man. Caitlin, being Caitlin, said no. So I explained to her that the man haven't had lunch and is very hungry unlike her who had just eaten spaghetti and chicken. So Caitlin, being Caitlin again, approached the man and gave him her fries and coke. This morning, that man died from the bomb explosion.

This is a crazy world. Even the church isn't safe anymore.


☆♥ ☆Willa☆♥ ☆ said...

grabeh naman yun,kakatakot, good thing your mom and kids are safe and sound.

Bubbly Ideas said...

OMG!! kinilabutan ako sa post mo. mabuti na lang safe mom mo at ang kids. wala kayong plano lumipat? nakakatakot na talaga dyan sa place nyo. Stay na lang muna kayo sa CDO. :(

Sandy said...

I have chills, how horrible for all involved. I so glad to know you and your family are ok; and am sickened that needless deaths like this occur anywhere; but in church. OMG, I'm horrified.

Did they get the perpetrators?

I stopped in to say thank you for placing my ad, it's appreciated; when I read your post and am sitting here with goose bumps up and down and shaking my head.

My best to you and yours,

ark said...

Hey, tagadito ka rin pala sa Cotabato? It's a crazy world talaga. At kahit papaano, ung crazy guy na un ang naging savior dahil ung bomba is supposed to go off sana paglabas ng mga churchgoers. Pero dahil napakialaman nia, sumabog. Un siguro ang mission nia sa buhay. I go to church sa RH.

Cinnamon said...

It is so sad to hear that something horrible like this could happen even at church. Glad to know you are safe.

SarahB said...

How horrible! I will never understand why someone would try to harm so many people. It is so nice that you convinced your daughter to give some food to the man. I'm sure it brightened his day. So sad that he and others were killed.

Thess said...

I'm glad your mom and kids are safe.

MAy mga tao talagang hindi na pinapahalagahan ang buhay ng iba.

indavao said...

hi... just dropping by!

Sandy said...

It's been awhile since you've posted, hoping you're all doing ok after the situation.

Dropping and leaving you a (((((HUGGGGG))))))))


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