Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Photos

Not that any of you care but here are some photos anyway.

These are the kids. They belong to our 4th generation and they're not yet complete. If you notice Caitlin's bandage, well it's because she and her twin had a wrestling match the day before the photo was taken.

There goes me with my first degree cousins, brother and an aunt.

This is the main attraction during the birthday celebration. My big bellied cousins danced Nobody and they call themselves Wondergays.

Here we are with our Wondergays cousins.

When the games for children ended, a cousin of mine initiated a videoke singing competition and the photo above is my cousin Edward serenading a gay friend Uma who was also at the party.

My little boy was a revelation that night because we were all having fun dancing when someone noticed him do his own dance in a corner. Being a stage mom that I am, I picked him up and have him dance in the middle of the dancefloor where everyone was cheering. And yes, he did a breakdance.
The Tan Family minus my other cousin Bryan who's in the US with his own family.


Willa said...

ang saya ng inyong reunion, at infairveiw ha!, mga gwaping ang pinsan mo, ( oo na, lahi nyo!) lol!

Moda said...

Wow! it really looks fun! o i miss my family! wish i spent the eid with them. =( huhuhu **charmus**

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