Sunday, October 11, 2009


I never experienced camping during my elementary days and I was never a member of the Girls Scouts so you can call me a loser in that aspect. It was one of my frustrations as a child for I really wanted to camp out and experience trekking and campfires. I wasn't able to do those when I was in elementary and high school but I did a lot of hiking and mountain climbing in college so I was able to satiate my hunger for those outdoor activities. However, I also wanted to experience Girls Scout.

Fortunately, I was chosen to be a troop leader for the Girls Scout in school this year aside from being assigned to handle the Twinklers as well. It's more of a dream come true for me rather than a duty or obligation. I wanted to know everything a Girls Scout does so I bombarded my co-teachers tons and tons of questions about it or whether I am making things right.

We had an district encampment held in school for three days but I was able to sleep in school during the kids' 2nd night wherein I brought my son along so that he too, could experience Boys Scout. He had so much fun especially with the campfire. he was ecstatic that he took 17 photos of the fire alone. Here are some photos to look at.

Here's Aloy with the girls. Look at his improvised belt, this one cracks me up upto now for he refused to remove it because his "powers" will be lost.

Here are my twinklers posing for the camera. I think my camera has a certain venom that turns naturally shy kids to be camwhores. I don't know. :p

My pupils presented a dance number. It was a contest but I didn't know that it was serious. We didn't practice at all. The dance that they presented during Fun Day was the same dance that they did in school last August. Fortunately they still memorize the steps so they made a great show. They won the contest, first prize! I'm so proud of them!

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