Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blessed to be Stressed

I hear that line over and over and I believe it's true. You are tired because you actually have a job and that someone depends on you. True. You are encountering adversities because God knows you can handle such stuff. True.

Currently I am in Koronadal City with my brother and three kids. I was only supposed to come here with Caitlin because I have to submit my papers to our regional office that has transferred here. That was the original plan but then my brother asked me if he could come and so I decided to bring along everyone and planned a swimming session after doing my duties here. We're going swimming on Friday along with our cousins and their girlfriends, I know it will be so much fun! This will also be the twins' first outdoor swimming experience, wowzaaa! We arrived here today and it's a riot as usual.

So moving on, I feel honored to be a part of something that's going t0 be big in the future. My designer friend Day and some other designers are going to put up a group for digital scrappers and I was asked to spearhead the Creative Team. I have just read the group's provisions and though it's mind boggling, I think I got whatever it is that they want me to do. This is going to be my baby for now because I want to help these people be big in digiland. And in order to give my focus on this new baby of mine, I decided to leave one creative team yesterday. After a long consideration and reflection, I have decided to leave Scrap That Idea so that I can concentrate on this new baby. I feel bad about leaving STI but I think that this is for the best rather than lead them on and not comply with my commitments. I will then stop applying for any teams right now since I will be busy once 2010 kicks off. Nevertheless, I had a great time being with STI girls, it feels like family there. Guess I will be seeing them in digiland from time to time.

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