Friday, January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!

So it's officially 2010 all over the world, and without a doubt, it is time that we make our resolutions that we also break. haha. So anyway, I know I didn't make any resolutions last year but I believe I had listed down the goals that I wanted to achieve last year. Most of the goals I had enumerated were met (*clap clap!*) and some were even achieved beyond my expectations. 2009 was great and I am claiming 2010 to be mine too. So here's a recap of my 2009.

January - I learned to let go. I think I did.
February - Blah month, I can't remember anything.
March - I was able to pull of a very nice graduation program for my pupils.
April - Took the licensure exam.
May - I learned that I passed the board exam. My cousin died.
June - Back to school, met my new pupils. Got my exam rating.
July - Met my new boss. Finally realized that I have indeed moved on.
August - Taught the kids to dance and they presented an entertaining dance number in school.
September - I was called at the Division Office and was told the good news that I will be getting my permanent appointment.
October - I got my appointment papers. Went out of town with my co-teachers. Was able to date a very very old childhood love.
November - Realized that childhood love will only be childhood love. Glad nothing's changed though. Enrolled for my Master's Degree.
December - Got my first three months' salary as a permanent teacher. Woot!

And so my year was over. Please take note that September's Aloy's birth month, October's my birth month and December's the twins' birth month. See what happened in those months. :) I do feel lucky and I am glad I didn't entertain any negative vibes this year. I will continue what I have started but I will see to it that I donate blood on a regular basis this year so that I can help others in my own little way. I will still continue doing a random act of kindness both in real and digiworld. I will try not to over analyze things too much for it gives me migraines. I will honor my CT commitments no matter what and I will not apply for anything more to be a CT member. Lastly, I will continue infecting my friends with my positivity, cheerfulness and love.


Willa said...

Cheers to a great year and to another one ahead!!!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

chinesepomelo said...

ur an inspiration! =)

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