Monday, November 15, 2010

Scrub Suits are IN!

When we had our family reunion last year, all the children in the family received custom made scrubs from our cousin who is actually a nurse by profession. The kids were ecstatic that they all received those nursing scrub uniforms because most of them wanted to be in the medical field in the future. I, myself is a frustrated nurse because I had always looked up to my nurse cousin when I was younger. I thought it was cool to check temperatures or blood pressures and administer medicines although I am a scaredy-cat when it comes to syringes or IV stuffs.

Anyway, did you notice scrub suits nowadays are in? And that is because there is a boost in the nursing profession worldwide so a lot of students are taking up nursing or nursing aid as their college courses. These days though, not only nurses or nursing students use scrub suits; even pharmacists and caregivers in any aspect also use these suits because they look comfortable to wear, refreshing and you can even customize it if you want. There are tons of medical uniforms stores online where you can order or create the scrubs that tickles your fancy.

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