Friday, January 28, 2011

Panic Attack Code

I technically had four hours of sleep today because I had a mild anxiety attack last night due to stressful activities at work. It was good that I can recognize such “attack” that had to divert myself in thinking happy thoughts and breathing through a brown bag. I sometimes wonder if my attacks are real or not because ever since I was diagnosed to have a type of disorder, I got more conscious of my state that I get panic attacks just by thinking if I am actually experiencing one. It’s becoming ridiculous! Speaking of which, I used to find this image ridiculous as well.

But of course I did not know what it was then, however I always see it as a barcode type of thing and I was actually right! It is called QR Barcodes and it works like the actual barcode the groceries and shops use but on a different terms. A QR Barcode has specific information like a URL link or a message that can be read through a specific QR generating website. Unlike a regular barcode that can only store at around 20 characters, a QR Barcode can take up to 7000 characters which is way more convenient if I may say. Imagine yourself storing a square like, black and white photo in your mobile phone which contains a lot of information – that’s how it works. It is even more intriguing and far more exciting to know the message when you decode the photo.

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