Monday, February 7, 2011

Sushi and Shoes

What a tongue twister for a title!

I like Japanese food, I do. I remember way back when I had my first bite of a sushi, at first I could not swallow it. I have this thing about raw food that I cannot fathom. And then wasabi came to rescue so I was forced to swallow my first sushi. It felt divine. But I suffered from amoebiasis after that. Same thing happens whenever I eat medium rare steaks – not funny. In spite of this rather unhappy love affair with sushi or raw foods for that matter, I still eat them. No pain no gain right? I only eat raw foods whenever I have my meds ready but if not, I can always settle for a California maki which is so yummy too!

As for the shoes part of this entry, a few weeks ago in my facebook history, I stumbled upon an online seller of high heeled shoes and I was impressed with the shoes they’re selling so I rummaged through her photo albums and ogled at the fab shoes she has in store.

I was downhearted in learning that the seller is from Bandung, Indonesia. Upon inquiring about the shipment of shoes, I also learned that these awesome shoes are made by hand. Isn’t that greater than great?! The seller ships internationally too and you can place your orders by clicking the link below. You can also look at the shoes and see what tickles your fancy. The name of the company is Myshoes Energy. Now the site is in Bahasa(?) language but the seller tries hard to communicate in English and is very accommodating.

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Admin said...

Aha. Eto pala yun. :) Nice nga!

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