Sunday, March 6, 2011

Quilted Bags

I still cannot believe that it is already March. The school year in the Philippines is about to close and so the teachers around the country are once again writing tons and tons of year-end reports just so we could go on and have a peaceful vacation afterwards. Time is indeed fast, it feels like yesterday when I was just scouting online for stephen joseph backpacks for my kids as they all love to feel independent and have their own bag whenever we go out of town. I might as well give each of them their own laundry bag so that they can keep track of how much clothes they use each day. I feel sorry for our laundry woman’s hands, my kids change clothes every time!

Well anyway, as the school year’s about to close, my co-teacher and I are planning for some major classroom renovations for the next school year. Our priority is to construct new tables for our pupils since the ones that we are using now are already dilapidated. Next is we are planning to have our own sink inside the classroom because it is a necessity aside from the sleeping area that we are also planning to have as well. As for the beautification of our surroundings, I know that we cannot do something like the Dallas landscaping but we can achieve a better environment by planting more flowers in our area. One at a time, all these can be achieved. One at a time.

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