Sunday, July 31, 2011

When Online Shopping Confuses Me

I love shopping online because it saves me the hassle of going to malls wherein I have to dress up and queue in order for my purchases to get paid. Yeah you get the message, I am lazy. Online shopping is very convenient especially for moms like me who wants to have the weekend to myself (though sometimes I go to work for overtime) so I can lounge or read books that I like.

Another good thing about online shopping is that the clothes I buy for my kids are not common because most of what I prefer to buy are those with unique or funky designs that I think will make my kids stand out in a crowd. KSP much? Haha! Also, I get to have great deals in online shopping. Before I buy something at the mall, I check first online about the item and compare prices from other online shops for the best bargain that I can get. We all have to be wise you know.

I also prefer shops that accept Paypal as a mode of payment because it's convenient for me. I don't buy to shops the prefer bank deposits because my main purpose in shopping online is to elude myself from lining up to the cashier to pay. I prefer either Paypal or Globe Gcash, I think these two are the most convenient modes of paying for online purchases.

However, as I was doing my "rounds" today, a cutesy girl's dress caught my eye. Here are the photos.
I bought the Cranberry dress on the right a few months ago for my daughter and the Laura Ashley dress on the left made me confused. Even though there is a slight difference in the detail at the hem of the Laura Ashley dress, I am pretty sure that both came from the same seamstress. They both look great, I have to say, but can anyone tell me which is which? Did I pay for a re-tagged dress or is it the Laura Ashley which was re-tagged? I paid a much cheaper amount for the Cranberry dress so I have made a good deal.

Well, that's just my concern for now. Lemme raid the shops once again. :)

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