Monday, April 23, 2007

kung ano ano

1. I noticed that my three kids all have cleft chins. Caitlin's cleft chin isn't as pronounced like Cail's and Aloy's. So we are now the Cleft Family. LOL.

2. Last Friday, Aloy and I tried to call his father. Apparently, he intentionaly didn't answer our calls (14 Missed Calls). I know that he did that on a purpose. Aloy only wanted to talk to him because he kept on saying his name. So we called my bestfriend Karen instead because Aloy was getting impatient already. After their conversation, I asked my son if he's mad at his father and he just said, NO. Well and good.

3. Since Cord (Aloy's dad) is hiding and walking away from his responsibilities, I texted him and told him how thick his face is. Nuknukan ng kapal ng mukha. Wait for my revenge Cord, you still don't know my Sherlock Holmes capabilities. Bwahahahaha!

4. My Mom was telling me the difference of karma and trials. She said that what we/I are/am experiencing is not karma but trials. She also told me that though we are hard up these days, our problems are a happy problem. I love my mom for that kind of wisdom.

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