Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I went home early yesterday. I decided not to attend my first day of summer class because, heck, it's the first day, no need to hurry. LOL. So at 3pm, I was watching tv when I heard a commotion outside our house. I peeked at the window and saw our neighbors pointing at something on our rooftop. I thought someone was flying a kite so I went out to make chismis. When I opened our screen door, I saw a man wearing a red shirt and he's without his pants on. Instinctively, I closed the door and locked it then I woke up my brother. The man, who we thought was a burglar, happened to be a mental person. I felt sorry for him because he had a cut on his lip. I wanted to feed him but our neighbors returned him home. They thought I was alone at home so they went up our fence to "rescue" me from the guy. I really appreciate their gestures. Shame on me, I was never friendly with my neighbors because I'm not a very sociable person. From now on, I promise to make friends with my neighbors or at least be nice to them. After all, they're all I have when something happens at home and I'm alone.

Lesson learned Mars.

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