Monday, May 21, 2007

from aloy's mouth

My mom scolded Aloy Friday night and he fought back. My mom was so mad at him for fighting back so she spanked him. Aloy cried and shouted: "Kunin mo na yung kutsilyo para mamatay na ako!"

My mom didn't understand his words but I did. I was about to laugh out loud but realized the gravity of the situation so I held back my laughter. I waited til my mom calmed down and told her what Aloy said. We were roaring with laughter that night. I know that I've been busy with school works this past week but I see to it that his tv time is limited to only 30 minutes and he should only watch Dora the Explorer and Max Steel. Media is a very powerful influence among children so mothers should monitor their tv time and the choice of music at home.

This morning I made tampo with Aloy because he didn't greet me good morning so I gave him a cold shoulder. I was surprised when he cried and shouted, "Hindi na ako mahal ni Mama!" Caitlin's yaya assured him that Mama loves him but he kept on whining. I went to him and hugged him and he said sorry for not greeting me good morning.

Yeah yeah, sometimes I can be a pain in the ass to my kids. Sometimes I don't feel like I'm their mother so I treat them like they're my siblings.


davenport/dave/david said...

you know what the sunflowers are so lovely and nice to the eyes..anyway i'm back on is no longer ruined i think..but i lost a lot..

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my comment on the entry..
sa The Little Prince sinabi

"a little sunshine is all he needs"

may nabasa rin ako that kids are cruel because they demand too much time and attention...


children are simple and complicated at the same time...i wonder how did
antoine de saint exupery said it so..i guess he never grow old inside.


Chateau said...

Kaaliw si Aloy haha. Media is really so powerful that's why we need to guard what our kids watch.
Si VGood ko naman feeling dalaga na! She wants boobs and bra and all that stuff! My gosh, kasi naman ang mga shows sa Disney channel na pang tweeners ang pinapanood ng older daughter ko. ayun! hay.

Daiz said...

Aloy's a smart kid. He knew na nagtampo ka sa kanya coz he didn't greet you good morning. San nya kaya nakuha yang patayin mo na lang ako? Si Riel naman pag may pinapagawa sya tas ayaw kong gawin he says "Papakamatay ako!". Don't know where he got it nga buti na lang di nya na sinasabi lately.

MarSian Empire said...

Daiz It really must be the tv. Wala namang warfreak sa amin. Maybe sa mga pinapanood ng mga yaya kaya na adapt nya yung ganung manner of talking.

Chateau Funny ang mga bata gusto agad tumanda while yung mga matanda naman gustong bumata. Haha!

David Aloy is jealous of the attention we give to his twins siblings kaya siya nagiging bully minsan. Good thing that he doesn't hurt his sister and brother because of selos.

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