Tuesday, May 22, 2007

i have the greatest father

I love you Papa!

Last week when my mom and I were planning the baptism of my twins, we asked my Dad what his contribution will be. He said that he can't contribute anything because he doesn't have money so we stuck to our budget and managed to squeeze our money for the event. Well well well... This morning my Dad told us that he loaned from GSIS so that the twins won't look "maralita" on their special day. He doesn't want to be unfair because he gave Aloy an extravagant baptism three years ago. I so love my father. He's the best!

Here's the list of my twins' godparents.
  • Roberto Tarnate
  • Manuel Rodrigo Magdael
  • Rene Basilio Jr.
  • Anthony Tan
  • Gerard Tan
  • Giancarlo Morales
  • Karen Macadaan
  • Janneth Sasuman
  • Sittie Rheayam Sinarimbo
  • Blesilda Albano
  • Melinda Deocareza
  • Joan Louie Hechanova
  • Pamela Ann Aguila


feng said...

Mars, because of this post, i missed my Dad (he passed away some 10 months ago).

grabe talaga what grandfathers can do for their apos ano. all the love, spoiling them, and splurging for them. like your Dad, my father too loved his apo so much. he's even over protective than I am for my son.

welcome to the Christian World to the kambal. hope everything turns out OK in their special day. :)

MarSian Empire said...

Feng Im sorry to hear about your Dad. :( I can't imagine kung saan kami pupulutin ng mga kids ko if my Dad isn't supporting us.

Yeah Lolos and Lolas are the best. :)

eloiski said...

i love my father too!
ang bait niya sa akin sobra!
miss ko 2loy papa ko!

Rachel Sarah said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog through iVillage's Sanity and the Solo Mom. Congrats on your twins! I have a super-grandpa involved in my daughter's life, to I know what you mean.
Best to you and let's connect! I'd love to link you from my site.

janneth said...

mars its my pleasure maging ninang ng kambal. i wish i can attend. i-kiss mo lang ako sa kanila. :)

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