Wednesday, May 16, 2007

going back

After 27 years, my cousin has finally met his father. It has been his desire to meet his father but when he went to his father's house years ago, his dad did not get out of their house and denied him. We were so furious during that time. My cousin ruined his life. He didn't continue his studies, did drugs and all those stuffs. He even wanted to kill his father.
Last year, my cousin let go of wanting to meet his father. He got himself a job and forgot his past. But 2 weeks ago, we got a call from my cousin's mom and she told us that my cousin's half sisters are looking for him. We informed my cousin about it and gave him the contact number of his sisters. I don't know what happened after that anymore. My cousin is now in Cagayan De Oro to meet his father and paternal grandparents and relatives.
Our whole family is very happy with this new transformation in Kuya's life.

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