Friday, May 18, 2007

not another bomb explosion

There was another bomb explosion this morning and I am only a hundred meters away from the vicinity.
Today's the graduation day of our pupils for this summer so I bought a little token for my pupil Mael. I decided to give him books because he told me that they don't have a single book in their house. I went to the mall (uy may mall daw sa Cotabato) at 10am to buy a book and have my early lunch as well. So when I was eating lasagna, we heard a bomb explosion and saw people get out of the buildings - I didn't. I was too busy indulging my food and I can't be of much help anyway so why would I squeeze myself with the crowd? But of course, I was rattled, I texted my bestfriend and my mom about the incident and my mom told me not to attend the graduation anymore because it's too risky. I, of course, will not oblige my mom's order. Teaching is my career and it is my responsibility to show up in the graduation rites whether I like it or I like it very much. I am a professional.
Anyway, I'm lucky that I decided to go to the mall earlier because if I didn't, I will be one of the victims of the explosion. The latest news that I heard about the incident is that the victims are mostly children ranging from ages 6-12 years old. I can only pray for them and for the heartless people who did this to my hometown. I'm sad that that's the only thing I can do for now.


May said...

Oh my! It's a good thing you weren't hurt and at the scene... but how sad naman for those who did. I guess I'll be watching this in the news tonight. :(

hermes said...

gawa nga sana ako ulit ng entry about this. kainis no? it's shameful and frustrating.

ingat nalang lalo.

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