Thursday, June 21, 2007

semi-inis mode

Last week, Leonard (now the twin's dad has a name!) asked me about the twins' friendster account because his mother wants to see their pictures. A good ex that I am, I gave their account right away. So the next day, I told my dad about it (the "other side" wanting to see the twins) but I wasn't expecting that he would be mad. He told me to never EVER give pictures to Leonard and his family. I felt crushed, but I obeyed my dad. I told Leonard about my dad's sentiments and he said that it's okay and he understands. I thought everything will be okay after that. Well oh well, he still gave the twins' account to his relatives in General Santos (and I thought Mom nya lang yung gustong makita ang twins). I keep on receiving messages from them and that irritates me SO MUCH. I confronted Leonard last night about it and he just said, "Gusto nilang makita ang kambal, alangan ipagdamot ko." I was mad. I'm still mad. Since I wasn't able to show him my anger last night, I'm going to vent out my emotions here. Pardon me friends.

"Kup@l ka. Anong ipagdamot ang pinagsasabi mo? Ayaw mong ipagdamot ang anak mo sa mga kamag anak mo eh ikaw mismo pinagdadamot mo ang sarili mo sa sariling anak mo! Ang kapal talaga ng mukha mo! Loser ka. Kahit kelan, kahit anong achievement pa ang ipagyayabang mo sa akin, isa kang malaking LOSER para sa akin. Lahat ng nangyayari sa yo ngayon, karma yan lahat. Hindi ka marunong rumespeto sa gusto ng tatay ko! Ni isang kusing di ka inobliga tapos ganyan pa ang gawin mo. Subukan mong umuwi dito, kayo ng pamilya mo, makikita nyo ang gusto nyong makita!"

Whew! I wish I will have the courage to say that to him.

I created a new friendster account for my twins and Leonard will never find out about it this time. Good thing he doesn't know about this blog too. Haha!


Daiz said...

Discord always come after the dad's kid start contacting us/asking about our kids. I suggest you tell him that kahit sa email or text lang. At least he'll know how you really feel about it.

feng said...

mars, kung sa akin yan, hindi lang semi-inis mode ang drama ko. may i HURUMINTADO AND AMOK pa ang drama ko. ano naman sila, sinuswerte?

May said...

I second the motion, Daiz. I think this Leonard guy needs to know how angry and hurt you are by his actions, Mars. I don't mince words ngayon eh... when I'm angry, oh he'll definitely know.

davenport/dave/david said...


there's always time for later and later for that.., for now keep safe and intact.

-- --

talagang "k_pal" he he he. I couldn't imagine how are you going to say that.. yet, i admired the evil laught, reminds me of pee jee's blog.

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