Sunday, July 22, 2007

my dad's an official grandpa!

The other day, my dad handed me a birthday invitation from his officemate's grandson. He was actually bragging about it because the invitation is only for MR. MANUEL MAGDAEL & GRANDSON. So anyhoo, I didn't think that he will attend the party because my dad's too lazy to even attend his OWN birthday party. But this morning, before he left for supermarket (my dad goes to the market since 1994 when my mom got seriously ill), he reminded Aloy about the birthday party that they're going to attend. Still, I didn't think he's serious about it. When he arrived, he told me to groom Aloy for the party while he's going out to buy a gift and then he asked me for gift suggestions. When my dad left for the department store, I dressed up Aloy (who's sooo excited), gelled his hair and sprinkled some perfume on his shirt. Then I realized how handsome he is. I couldn't help but beam with pride! Pardon me, love your own di ba naman? LOL.

My dad and Aloy was at the party for almost three hours, and when they arrived, my dad was telling stories about Aloy's antics non-stop. It turned out that Aloy's such a ladies man, he calls every girl at the party SEXY! When I asked Aloy what he ate, he said: "Syempre lechon pati fried chicken!" And when my mom asked him if he ate a lot, he said: "Hindi kasi mag Chowking halo halo pa tayo mamaya di ba?" We just roared with laughter then.

Aloy's turning three years old this September and yet, today's the first time that he went out with his "Daddy" alone. Whenever Aloy invites his Daddy to go to Jollibee, my dad will only give him money because believe it or not, my dad has not yet stepped into Jollibee ever! Kawawa naman. LOL.

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MISYEL said...

It's nice to know that handsome Aloy enjoyed the party and his date with grandpa. Kakatuwa naman si daddy mo :)

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