Monday, July 30, 2007

wild weekend

The whole gang (a.k.a. family) was out of town for the weekend. My dad went to GenSan and my mom, along with the Aloy and my bro, went to Marbel to attend a birthday + shopping. Pratically, I was alone with the twins and their yayas.

I was thinking of going out in the morning but I was too lazy so I ended up slouching in front of the tv. At around 1pm, I decided to text my friends and I invited them to go out that night. Unfortunately, only one answered my text. *teehee* Anyhoo, at around 6pm, I was once again conquered by my laziness so medyo tinamad na akong lumabas. By 7, Pam asked me if our plan will push through so I felt a sudden adrenaline rush and I went inside my room to change clothes and put on my make up. Voila! Hot momma in less than 10minutes! LOL. Anyway, we went to Cafe Florencio to grab some drinks and catch up on each others' lives. In the middle of our conversation, we received drinks from the guys adjacent to our table, we didn't thank them because we were too shy. The guys asked us if they could join us but we told them no because we were having a serious talk. Luckily, they backed off but they talk to us during "intervals". They keep on telling us that they own this and that but we weren'e interested because: #1. They're old. #2. We went out not to fish for guys especially DOMs.
So anyway, before the guys went home, they offered us a lift home but obviously, we declined so they paid for our tab instead. Lucky lucky! LOL. Pam's angry brother fetched us from Cafe Florencio and drove us home. He's angry because we disturbed him from his sleep. LOL

I was too drunk. Hangover galore. I slept the whole day, took Advil, and asked Cail's caregiver to massage my back. Boy I was vomiting the whole morning and my headache's killing me. I recuperated before my dad arrived from GenSan, good for me. LOL.

Laughing moment:
Ate Jo, Cail's caregiver, lectured me while she was massaging my back and she said:
"Kasi si ate nag inom inom. Nagpahubog di man pala kaya. Yan tuloy."

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May said...

Aba, aba, obviously mga guy magnets pa rin kayo, woohoo!

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