Monday, September 3, 2007

just one hour

It's Aloy's birthday today and our family decided not to host a party this year. We'll still celebrate, of course, but it won't be something grandiose. Aloy preferred us to buy a lot of toys for him instead of a party. He even said, "Pag mag school na ako mag Jollibee para madami na ako friends." I'll update you on what's going to happen tonight, so far it's just an ordinary day.

Anyhoo, I took some pics of the twins' activity yesterday afternoon. The pictures and events only happened in just one hour. Enjoy!


feng said...

happy 3rd birthday to dear Aloy. ah, how time flies ano. enjoy the day. :)

at ang kambal, naku, mukhang ang kukulit na ah. :)

janneth said...

grabe mars, hindi ko maimagine ang kalikutan ng kambal mo. kay gareth pa nga lang sumusuko na ako.

Happy bday kay along!!

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