Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Amazing Yoyo

Guess what? I now know how to play the yoyo! I'm such a wimp. LOL. My brother taught me how to play the thing and though I'm not hooked on playing the yoyo, this is kinda an accomplishment for me. Although 90% of my cousins are boys, not one of them taught me how to play the yoyo so I really felt like a loser. I still do not know how to make a paper plane and boat, play "dampa", do hulahoops, and some other stuffs boys play during childhood. Don't get me wrong, I had a happy childhood, it's just that I'm not really that interested with playing boys' stuffs (except of course the hulahoop) and it's quite ironic because I'm kinda boyish before. But at least now I know how to manipulate a yoyo.

I know it's quite silly reading this post, but I'm really stunned and I feel like I have to share this moment while it's "fresh."

Have a Happy November everyone!


ami said...

uhm... if it makes you feel any better di rin ako marunong ng hulahoop. or shatong. or chinese garter. :D congrats sa accomplishment.

Daiz said...

Congrats! Ako nga di marunong mag-bike. :D

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