Friday, November 9, 2007

Of course I'm hurt!

A friend told me this afternoon that an ex of mine is getting married next year.
Last month, Cord's sister told me that her kuya (Aloy's Dad = Cord) is planning to get marry next year too.

For a minute or so, I felt sad. But realization comes back and all I can do is be happy for them. I am happy for them, there's no hypocrisy in that. It's just that my friends tell me things that's so iritating. Things like...

  1. Sana kung nakapaghintay ka, kayo sana ang ikakasal.
  2. Anong na feel mo? Imposible hindi ka nasaktan.
  3. Masakit ba Mars?
  4. Bakit di ka nya pinakasalan nung nabuntis ka?

Gawd it's so iritating! I mean, isn't it a given already that an ex girlfriend, who's single, will feel sad when she learns that her ex (one who happens to father her child) is getting married to another woman?

So I have to admit that I felt sad for a while, but I saw these things coming and I've prepared myself for this. I'm happy with my kids and I always tell myself that if I regret something in my past, it also means that I regret giving birth to three wonderful children.

And no, OH NO, that will never happen. Everything happens for a REASON, and I know that God has better plans for me. I won't do things in haste this time.

1 comment:

Daiz said...

Hehe, talk about putting salt on your wounds. Ok lang yan, Mars. =)

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