Thursday, December 13, 2007


Anytime you suffer a setback or disappointment, put your head
down and plow ahead.
I feel sad today. I'm disappointed with my performance and my critic is also disappointed with me. We talked and he told me that he's been looking for me the whole morning but he didn't find me. What happened was that I went to the kindergarten rooms to check on my friends if they have eaten their merienda, it turned out that they're having a hard time with the kids because they have to check each one of them from time to time. What I did was I volunteered to assist them without asking permission from my critic. I know I'm wrong, but my intentions were good. And Sir was really pissed off this morning, I was about to cry when I apologized.
In moments like this, I just think of my kids and I feel good again. People may judge me but at least I have three bundles who look up to me.
Oh everything's gonna be okay.

1 comment:

roxiegirl said...

it's something to be down-in-the-dumps but when you have your kids around, they're the only things that matter. carry on!

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