Friday, December 7, 2007

classroom happenings

I asked my cooperating teacher Wednesday afternoon if I could be excused from the internship because may tagos ako. He laughed and allowed me to go home anyway. Before I left the school, I told the cleaners of the day to write on the board those people who will escape from cleaning. When I arrived the next day, this is what I've seen.

I did not ask anymore who wrote that on the board and naka-lecture pa ako about english grammar ng di oras.

Yesterday naman, my pupils were taught how to make a letter of thanks. I was busy doing my lesson plan when two girls went up to me and gave me a card. They were not asked to make a card so I was touched to have received my first card from my pupils. I was close to tears, really. It's the simple gesture of appreciation that makes my profession worthy of all the stress that I'm going through. Imagine, I have to wake up 4:30am, cook, do the laundry, iron my uniform, eat breakfast, attend to my growing kids' needs, take a bath, and rush to school so that I won't be late. Then after the classes in the afternoon, I have a night class until 7:30 so I go home at about 8:15, do my lesson planning and sometimes I eat.

But now that I think about it, this internship is what I really need to lose weight so WELCOME TOXIC LIFE! Hello beautiful bod! Haha.


Suzanne said...

Awww.. How sweet naman!

Dakila ka for being a responsible mother and student. :D Tiis lang, ganyan talaga. Swerte ng mga bagets to have you as their mom. :)


roxiegirl said...

hello wonder woman! i marvel at how you manage to keep things in order in your life! take care!

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