Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Xmas Wishlist

As usual, I don't want anything for Christmas (well, except a new digital camera which I really wish for ever since) so I can't make my Christmas wishlist. I'll make my wishlist for my kids instead so buckle up and take your pick. LOL.

For Caitlin and Caillou:

  1. I want them to have this shirt. I think it's cool. And it's true naman that their momma's hot. LOL.

  2. I want them to have matching shirts. Yung tipong bf/gf look since they're fraternal twins, di talaga malalaman na twins sila and I like the idea of seeing them together wearing same outfits.

  3. For Caitlin, more dresses with matching panties. Ang hirap bumili ng dress dito sa amin, sobra! If ever bibili naman kami, siguradong andami nyang kapareho. Uniform? Haha. Hand me downs will do, really.

  4. For them both, toys. Any toy will do as long as hindi guns, etc.

For Aloy:

  1. Any type of clothes, sandos, pants, toys, books. Wala syang pinapatawad basta gift. LOL.

I also like the four of us to be wearing something like this:

Although mas type ko kung camouflage kaming lahat. Hehe.

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