Wednesday, December 26, 2007

i am bored

Currently, I'm in Davao City. Today's the twins' real birthday and I am not with them. I am so bored.

As I have said, we celebrated the twins' birthday yesterday. The party was fun, the invites said 3PM but the people came at 4 and my friend and I just finished decorating the venue when the visitors arrived. The party eventually started at 4:20, very Filipino time! I wasn't able to conduct games for the kids because Aloy and my brothers ate all the supposed to be prizes for the games. I had made a pabitin though and I think that the kids had fun.
The twins didn't blow the cake, I did. They didn't open their presents, I did. But they enjoyed, though they didn't smile a lot. I know that they had fun.

As for my Santa mission, I bought Aloy a train set and I hid it somewhere so that he can only see it when the clock ticks 12midnight. But because of certain unfavorable circumstances, I got the santa gift where I hid it at 10pm and Aloy saw it right away when he took a toilet trip. I knew he saw the gift when I heard him scream, "WOW! Mama saan mo ito binili? Bilihan mo rin ako nito ha?" I nonchalantly answered, "Saan mo nakuha yan?" then he said, "Sa may Christmas light." I said, "Baka yan na ang gift ni Santa Claus sa yo kasi nag good boy ka kanina." Then he said, "WOW! Kaganda naman ng toys ni Santa Claus! Nagulat ako Mama!" So he showed off his new toy train to everyone (and I saw my brothers' inggit faces LOL) and told them na nagulat sya sa gift ni Santa Claus. Thank God for a child like him! He made my bleak Christmas happy. :)


Willa said...

awww!!! it's very nice of him to believed in Santa. Have a great new year :)

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