Saturday, January 5, 2008

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Issue #1: 6 weeks on the way!

They're having a baby! I'm happy for both K and J, and though wedding plans are still vague at this moment, I'm still psyched at the thought of them having their own angel. When K told me about her pregnancy, I thought she was kidding. When she showed me her ultrasound result and pregnancy tests, I was a bit worried but then I saw her face-- she's calm, glowing, and very at peace. I'm really happy for them and I hope that they will be good parents to their child in the future.

Issue #2: KMQ on the block!

After 10 (++) years, I met Kristine (leftmost) for the first time again. Kristine's our classmate-kababata-friend since elementary but she went to Pisay during high school and we haven't seen her since our 1996 elementary graduation. We wrote letters and managed to text each other during college but when I got pregnant, our communication went pft. Luckily, she saw my mom at the mall a day before New Year so she hunted me. She asked for my number but never gave her number back. What I did was I asked for her contact number from our common friend and demanded a treat from her. We had a great time catching up, it didn't feel like we haven't seen each other for almost twelve years. Now that's my definition of a friend.

Issue #3: The Real Deal

I was pondering last night about my career path. I want to educate children from the rural areas and I believe that that's my purpose in this world. However, I need to earn money to compensate for my kids' needs too. So I'm torn. Is there a job that caters to my passion that makes good money as well? I'm thinking of working for an NGO, but I have little information about NGOs. Help!

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