Tuesday, January 22, 2008

so little time, so much to do

Been out of the blogosphere for days now. Not that I really intend to write something everyday but blogging soothes my mind, it's a therapy. As much as I want to share the details of my everyday activities, I can't because it will take me a long long time and I will just end up not posting anything. So anyhoo, I'll post some bullets, AGAIN.

  • We started our second contact for the internship last Monday (Jan21) and I am now assigned in Grade 5. Well, I like the feeling of not having to scold someone very early in the morning because of a misbehavior. I thought that twas a good start. But I miss my kids in Grade 3, and they tell me that they miss me too. Aww. The kids visit me in my new classroom and write me letters about everything that happened inside their room. They tell me stories and give me tokens and my heart melts everytime they do. Such a sweet thing! Now as for my Grade 5 "new" kids, I like them na. It's just that they are starting to build their own worlds now and they are shy to approach me to tell me things. But I have my way, at least they listen to me when I tell them to behave properly (actually, THEY SHOULD! Or else they will see the dragon in me.)
  • I had my final teaching demonstration this morning and I was given a 1.00 rating! Yehey! I had to thank Mr. Pogi for this because he really helped me with the preparation for my demo. I see him more of a brother now, not a crush, because I confirmed something about him. Intriga! LOL. Last week though, someone spread a malicious rumor that Mr. Pogi and I are going out, as in dating. I was more than shocked when the rumor reached me! How I wish it was true. Hahahahaha!

Unfortunately I have to end this post now because I'M STARVING!

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Suzanne said...

Asus. Baka nga totoong nagde-date kayo ni Mr. Pogi... Hmmm... Aminin na kasi. Kaya siguro no time to blog... Hala! Hahaha!
Pero I think I know the confirmed chismis. Hmp. Luma na yan. Hahaha!

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