Friday, January 25, 2008

the very late bday pictures

So here’s the very late story of the twins’ 1st birthday. Ate Sweet, I know that you’re looking forward to see the pictures, haha. First off, the reason why I am only able to post the pictures now because they were saved in my friend’s laptop and I haven’t seen her for weeks --until this morning.

We had set up the party in our small garden; we put up a tent, tables and I tasked my friend to take care of the decorations. Their balloons were sponsored by Roces, the pabitin was by Iman, the decorations by Yami and the cake, oh the quite controversial cake, was sponsored by my cousin Kuya Bobby who, unfortunately, was not able to attend the celebration. My aunt, Mommy Dory gave away cute headbands to all the girls present, both young and old.

The twins didn’t cooperate during the singing of the birthday song, especially during the blowing of the candle and picture taking. Caitlin put off the flame on their candle with her bare hands which made everyone laugh. Caillou, on the other hand, wouldn’t look at the camera and smothered his hands on the icing and gave his twin some to lick on. It was a real riot. I was not able to conduct games because I had little time for the preparation. When the party was over, my friends and I had a little celebration of our own. We sang all throughout the night.

Here are some snapshots..

Caitlin's solo.

Caillou's solo pic.

The celebrants.

The icing fiasco.

But of course, I blew the cake.

The visitors.

Mingling Cail.

Caitlin's Moment.

Waiting for the loot!

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