Saturday, March 1, 2008

counting my days (part ewan ko..)

This week will be our final exams week and then we will start practicing for our graduation rites. Finally! I will be able to hold my much awaited diploma. And not only that, I might have a chance to be in the honors list for this semester - and I only realized that until last night when my prof showed me my grades. Yipee! Although chances for cum laude is not possible, at least I get to end my academic year right. At least I can tell my kids that even though loka loka ang nanay nila, mataas naman ang grades. I'm so happy.

Last week was the worst week I ever had. Caitlin just got out of the hospital then Caillou got very sick (thank goodness he wasn't hospitalized) and I have a lot of deadlines to meet. I was very frustrated, I don't know anymore how to juggle my responsibilities at home and in school. But I managed to get through it all. And Mr. Pogi gave me a very high mark for my non-teaching performance, now that's something! And one more thing, my friend won in the student council election yesterday. Goes to show that good things happen to good people. Naks!

Stay positive y'all! Happy weekend!


Suzanne said...

Congratulations!! :)

Malapit na ngang talaga! Yay!!!

Mommy Len said...

Congratulations! Studying while you have your kids with you is such a fulfilling thing, galing naman!

davenport said...

congrats sis!

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