Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Tale of Two MGs

The author of this blog with Mohd, Pam and Iman in one of our dinners together.

MG (noun) - [As much as i want to state its real meaning here, I can't because I might be bombarded with negative reactions from my faithful readers.]

Get to know our two MGs Mohd and Iman. They're our knights in shining armors, constant dates, shock absorbers, brothers, faux lovers, financers, friends, critics, advisers, and chatmates cum textmates. Pam and I love them and I’ll tell you why.

Meet Mohd.

I’ve known him since third grade, we weren’t close friends yet because he was very quiet at that time, shy type daw. He came out of his cocoon during high school and then became the class clown. I like his company because he makes me laugh and we can talk about anything under the sun. he gives a good massage for a scoliotic me. He’s very boastful whenever he has money but always ends up losing everything because we force him to treat us to a posh restaurant. He’s very family oriented and a very good son and brother. What I like about him is the way he treats women with utmost respect. I always tell him that his mother did a great job in raising him. Despite living in a broken family, you can never hear any hint of bitterness whenever he talks about his father.

Meet Iman.

He’s my classmate during our high school years. We were close at that time because we were seatmates for four years and we once became weekend bike buddies when we were in first year high school. Our friendship grew deeper when we were in Iligan and studied at MSUIIT. Though we lived our own lives there, we saw to it that we get together as often as we can to catch up on each other’s activities. He’s always been supportive of my decisions in life, from shifting courses - to leaving my boarding house for a dormitory – to getting pregnant. He’s not physically there but he emailed, called and texted me to let me know he’s there. We’re like a family.

Most of you might be wondering why I’m wasting my time and energy posting about them here, hehe. Well, the two of them will be leaving soon. Mohd’s going to Qatar to work, he’s going to be one of the engineers who’ll build a 60something storey building there and I’m beaming with pride. Iman, on the other hand, will go to London to be with his wife (ex) and daughter, Alaisha Isabella. He doesn’t know when he’ll be back or if he’s staying there for good.

Bottom line, it saddens me to temporarily lose these two gentlemen. We’ve been eating dinner everyday for more than two months now and it’s like a habit already. Call me clingy but the two of them are my hatid-sundo in school especially when I go home late from class. ^_^ In fact, Mohd fetched me from the salon and drove me to the venue during our graduation ball and Iman cam to rescue me from an ex of mine who offered me a ride home that same night. Isn’t that sweet? He was already sleeping when I called him but he never hesitated to fetch me (and he even complimented me with the way I looked that night). And now that I think of it, I remember that it was also the two of them who fetched me from home and asked my parents’ permission after our graduation day in high school for an eating spree.

Sure I’ll miss our long talks about our lives, dreams, plans and frustrations.

Sure I’ll miss their words of comfort when I feel down.

I’ll miss our dinners together, especially the free ride home.

I’ll miss the laughter, songs and sentimental moments.

Most especially, I’ll miss these two people behind all these.

But our friendship is beyond skin deep and this phase in our lives are needed for us to grow. Besides, the technology we have today won’t make it hard for us to communicate as often as we want to.

Good luck Mohd and Iman! Kitakits sa YM Conference!


davenport said...

mars.. i really appreciate your comments sa blog ko..sencia na di ko magagawa ang nasa link..

anyway may cutie sa pix..ahaha.. ikaw syempre yun.. minsan naman straight ako mag-isip no..lalo na kung sing ganda mo ang pag-uusapan..sarap lagyan ng eye liner.. joke lang..

can i get your number pala.. email me naman dun sa email ko para just in case mapadpad ka dito sa amin..

at kailan po ang graduation?

davenport said...

i was told people come and go, but there will always be someone or many who will leave footprints in our heart..

cheers sis!

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